Mental illness had always been most controversial and important topics in the society. We are surrounded by it, whether we know it or not. ‘Depression’ is the most common type of mental illness which is very common among the adults in our society. Depression is around the globe and has no limits and does not differentiates a rich or poor, black to white, republican, or democrat. Yet discrimination and stigma keep people for getting the treatment for this mental health problem. Which is a very sad truth because like any other disease, there is a treatment for this type of mental illness. A considerate amount people after getting the required treatment get better.

According to the recent study the issue like mental issues can be caused by the many environment factors. The treatment of the mental issues varies from one region to another regions

Now a days our society is made or moulded of many facts of mental illness for decades. Different types of treatments are available for treating mental illnesses now a days. The issue of mental issue is no longer hidden by world. This speaks to the progress made on an important front in our global culture.