ISLAMABAD        -         The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has decided to engage National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) for identity verification of the sellers of land in Islamabad so as to check cases of land fraud.

Addressing a press conference here Sunday, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat said the step has been taken as part of the administration’s efforts to bring betterment and innovation in the business of the land revenue department.

He told the media that NADRA Verisys system was already in place at the Registry Branch in the district courts complex to help the officials in verification of identity of the sellers of land.

“Real-time group photo of the sellers and purchasers are also attached with the deed documents for a future reference,” he said. He said record of all the sale/purchase and registering the Sale Deed concerning immovable property would be maintained.

The Deputy Commissioner was of the view that the step would help check the on-going practice/fraud of selling land excessive than the actual share. He said it has had been a practice in Islamabad that sale of property through registered deed was not maintained in the revenue record which led to sale of the same property twice or thrice.

“In future, after the process of registering the sale deeds, transfer of land in the revenue record would be ensured so that no one can sell a property twice fraudulently,” he said. He was of the view that the steps would also help reduce burden of land cases on the courts and the revenue department.

He said that from now onwards, the record of files (Jamabandi) which was pending since 2002, would be compiled in the ICT and for that purpose, he added, additional collectors have been notified. He assured that by next month, the record of Jamabandis would be compiled successfully. “That record would be computerised with the help of NADRA and Punjab Land Revenue Authority. The residents would no more have to go to Patwaris rather Assistant Director Land Revenue would issue computerised land record documents (Fard),” he assured.

It is a two-year project which will end conventional transaction of lands in Islamabad, he said further. He was of the view that the project will help the revenue department to overcome irregularities and fraud in transaction of land in the rural areas of the capital.

He said the private housing societies have been directed to put their record online so as to bring transparency in the affairs. He also vowed to introduce e-stamping in the capital on the pattern of Punjab province.

He said that after the ICT administration implemented Punjab Revenue Department directions in Islamabad, the issue of selling Shamlat land has come to an end. He maintained that transactions in the past led to the land dispute cases.

Shamlat land is the land which does not come under habitation and cultivation and is considered as Jumla Mushtarka (consolidation of land holdings for common use) in official parlance. He said posts of the patwaris would be filled soon and that qualification for the posts of patwari has been fixed as graduation.