Mirpurkhas - Assistant commissioner Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Kanio along with police carried out raids at different chakies in his limit and fined thousands of rupees on the chaki owners in charges of selling flour at high rate than official rate here on Sunday.

It was learnt that Assistant Commissioner Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Kanio conducted the raids at different chakies and shopkeepers to inquire about the sale of flour at high price and fined thousands of rupees in charges of selling the flour at high rate. Panic was spread among the owners of chakies and shopkeepers. On the other hand chaki owners and shopkeepers had increased the flour rate at RS 65 to 68 per kilogramme.

Office bearers of chaki association Mirpurkhas Liaqat Qureshi, Abdul Rasheed and Rafi Malak strongly condemned the raids at the chakies and fine thousands of rupees by AC Mirpurkhas. They blamed that food department had failed to give subsidize wheat bags to the chaki owners according to their requirements. As a result they were compelled to buy the wheat bags from open market at high rate, thus they were selling the flour at high rate than official rate.

They lamented that wheat hoarders were given opportunity to get more than benefit to ensure sale of their stored wheat bags in open market at high rate. They blamed that Sindh government avoided to conduct raids at the filled godowns of wheat traders and flour mills to recover the huge quantity of wheat bags and failed to impose heavy fine on hoarders. They demanded of the government to ensure supply of subsidize wheat bags to chaki owners according to their requirements and confiscate the huge quantity of hoarded wheat bags stored in different godowns.