The premier show of Javed Jabbar's "Ramchand Pakistani" provided the people of Islamabad the other day an opportunity to watch an excellent movie. "Ramchand Pakistani", based of a real story of a Pakistan's Hindu Dalit family of Bhimra village, lying close to the Indo-Pakistan border in Sindh, is certainly the depiction of the heart rending corollary of politics of enmity between India and Pakistan. The story begins with a child, approximately six or seven years old, namely Ramchand (Syed Fazal Hussain) who after picking a row with his mother, Champa (Nandita Das), over not giving him full cup of tea, leaves his home and in anger moves, as if swept by the air, knowing not where he was destined for. He ultimately crossed the Indo-Pakistan border simply demarcated by whitewashed stones hardly visible in the desert area of Sindh. His father, Shankar (Rashid Farooqi), while desperately chasing his son to stop him from crossing the border overstepped the border line. Both the son and the father were caught by the Indian border security forces and ultimately put into a jail of Indian Gujerat District where Shankar was subjected to torture on the suspicion of a Pakistani spy.  He was undressed even to verify whether or not he was circumcised to establish his faith. No one was ready to understand the fact that no spy could cross the border with a minor son. He had to bear the agony of more than four years of jail for cross-border 'misdemeanour'. The jail culture for a boy of six or seven years age was also abominable. The family of Shankar, particularly his wife, on the other side of the divide in Pakistan, too, underwent worst form of emotional and economic disaster. She remained a captive of the memories of her husband and son with a conviction that they would come alive. She had to work hard in the fields to pay money back her husband had borrowed from the landlord. The film is certainly the replica of the fate of many innocent people leading miserable lives in various jails of India and Pakistan in cross-border cases. The Prime Minister, who was the chief guest of the film's premier aptly said, "Most of such people are the victim of circumstances and their plight needs to be understood." Sherry Rehman also spoke on the occasion and said that PPP-led government was committed to the promotion of art and culture. She said that the Ministry of Culture had earmarked a piece of land for the National Film Academy. Commenting on the film she said that this was not what the two nations, India and Pakistan, were created for. True, the discourse of political enmity must be replaced with discourse of peace and love, which is more vibrant in terms of the well being of the two South Asian nations. The film was produced by Javed Jabbar for Project One in association with JJ Media and Namak Films. The story was written by Javed Jabbar and lyrics written by Anwar Maqsood. Mehreen Jabbar, the daughter of Javed Jabbar, directed the film and Debajyoti Mishra directed the music. All the cast of the film was superb. Nandita Das played the role of Champa excellently and Rashid Farooqi, who was Shankar in the movie, too performed well. The role of Ramchand Pakistani, played by Syed Fazal Hussain, the child star of the movie, was marvelous. Kudos for Syed Fazal Hussain