The Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency (ERRA) has extended the last date for construction of remaining houses of the earthquake victims up to September 15, 2008. This is really a welcome gesture from ERRA. Earlier last date for this purpose ended on June 30th 2008 which deprived a lot of affectees from constructing their houses and subsequently they were liable to lose their third and last installment. A large number of affectees appealed to Prime Minister Gillani for extension of the last date as they were unable to construct their houses without assistance from the government. Now the government has accepted their appeal and extended the date up to September 15, 2008. Prime Minister Gillani and his government has really earned a good name by doing so. Now the PM is requested to further help the affectees by increasing the total financial assistance up to rupees Rs 300,000 so that those who have been unable to purchase construction material due to price hike can do so. -SYED MUZAMMIL HUSSAIN, Chaman Kot, Azad Kashmir, via e-mail, July 7.