LAHORE - Legendary actor of theatre Syed Afzaal Ahmed will again act after six years in the popular play 'Janam janam ki meiley chaddar', which will be staged at Tamaseel Theatre from August 8. A function was held at the Tamaseel Theatre on Saturday to welcome Afzaal Ahmed and to introduce the cast of the play. 'Janam janam ki meiley chaddar', which was produced years ago by Afzaal Ahmed. The play has record of being the longest running play in theatre in the whole of Asia. Afzaal had an attack of paralysis six years ago and this is his first performance after recovery. He still cannot walk or deliver dialogues. But his enthusiasm and joy knew no bounds when he was brought to the stage. Smiling he received all the artistes patting them on the shoulder or head. Those who shared their views on the occasion included producer of the play Zulfiqar Ahmed, journalist Naeem Hanif and actor Sohail Ahmed. Sohail said staging the play 'Janam janam ki meiley chaddar' was a great challenge and they were ready for it. "We will hold regular rehearsals and stage the play ensuring the same quality that was it was known for. Everyone will work hard to ensure that his input in the play also becomes memorable," he said. He said dance was part of art but the vulgar dance had destroyed the theatre in Pakistan. "Culture and traditions are the most important part of society but it is unfortunate the governments in the past did not give it priority. This is the reason that the values in our society have changed for the worst in recent years," he was of the view. The cast of the play besides Afzaal Ahmed includes Sohail Ahmed, Amanant Chann, Akram Uddas, Jawad Waseem, Muhammad Qavi Khan, Kaudu, Goshi Khan, Arif Gill, Ayesha Chaudhry, Hina Shaheen, Sonnu Lal, Nida Chaudhry, Raheela Agha and Mehwish Khan.