WASHINGTON0: - Legendary poet Ahmed Faraz is in a critical but stable condition at a Chicago hospital, a doctor attending him said, dismissing media reports in Pakistan about his death. Dr. Murtaza Arain, a senior consulting surgeon, told The Nation on telephone that the 76-year-old poet's vital signs are normal. "Faraz is alive and is being treated by seven specialists," he said, adding: "We do expect him to recover but it will take a long time." Faraz's son, Shibli, has arrived in Chicago after hearing about the condition of his father. Dr. Arain called on the people to pray for the recovery of Faraz, a national asset. Faraz, who traveled to Washington earlier this month at the invitation of APPNA, the Pakistani-American doctors' association, slipped and fell while stepping out of a European consulate in Baltimore, where he had gone to obtain a visa. Although there were no broken bones, the leg developed infection. But Faraz flew to Chicago at the invitation of his fans, where Dr. Arain had him admitted to a hospital under his care. A surgery was performed to clear his leg infection, which was worsening his kidney and blood pressure problems. Dr. Arain said Faraz, who is now recovering, remains coherent and recognizes his doctors.