ISLAMABAD - The Capital Development Authority and District Health Department of Islamabad Capital Territory Administration have launched special anti-dengue virus drive in Islamabad for prevention of the dengue fever. Chief Commissioner Hamid Ali Khan has directed the district health authorities to take all proactive and preemptive measures in the Capital against the dengue virus and ensure the protection of the citizens' health. In view of the directives of the Chief Commissioner, the departments concerned had constituted special medical teams to carry out special residual spray and fogging in the urban and rural areas. In this regard, District Health Officer Dr Amirzada Khan informed that effective foolproof preventive measures had been taken against the virus. He said special public health education campaign has also been launched to educate the community regarding maintaining clean environment around their surroundings and taking special precautionary measures against mosquitoes. He said special measures were also under way in the rural areas and 300 Lady Health Workers had also been visiting door to door in the far-flung areas to educate the local community for adopting effective preventive measures. On the special directives of Deputy Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmad, Assistant Commissioner (Rural) Asia Gul, in cooperation with CDA (Enforcement Directorate) had also launched special anti-encroachments operation in the rural areas. In this regard, Assistant Commissioner (Rural) carried out special operation in Rawat area and removed encroachments from Java Road and Ittihad Market Rawat Bazar. Asia Gul said anti-encroachment operation in the rural areas would continue unabated and in this regard last warning had been issued to the encroachers to remove all illegal structures by Monday failing, which drastic action would be taken against the defaulters. Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner (Rural) Asia Gul, also conducted price checking in the Rawat area and imposed heavy fines amounting Rs 10,000 on 20 profiteers for over charging and not displaying the rate list. The profiteers were warned to display the rate list prominently at the shops. Asia Gul also checked the availability of flour bags in the area and concerned flour dealers were directed to ensure the smooth supply of flour bags in the Rawat area.