LAHORE - Senior leader of Jama't-ud-Da'wah Maulana Ameer Hamza on Saturday demanded of the government to end all trade relations with India until the Kashmir Issue had been resolved. He said that India was constructing dams on Pakistani rivers in its effort to turn Pakistan into a barren and unproductive land, while Pakistan government, rubbing salt in the wounds of the Kashmiris, was making efforts to increase trade with India. He said the more than 100,000 sacrifices offered by the Kashmiris had not been made for the sake of increasing trade with India. What needed to be done, he said, was to expose India's state terrorism in Occupied Kashmir to the whole world, instead of befriending it and increasing trade with it. The leader also accused America and its allies of intentionally stoking friction on Pakistan's borders so that they could create an excuse of attacking Pakistan. According to the statement issued, Maulana Ameer Hamza said, India wanted to destroy Pakistan, monetarily and economically, on the instigation of foreign powers while our rulers were strengthening it by increasing trade with it. He said the sacrifices of Kashmiri Muslims had made the 800,000 Indian troops stationed in Occupied Kashmir an unbearable burden upon India. 'What needs to be done under the circumstances', he said, 'is to fully support the Kashmir Freedom Movement, so that India's evil ambitions can be quashed.' The solution to all the problems faced by Muslims, including the Kashmir Issue, was in giving sacrifices for the sake of Allah, he averred.