ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani asked the political forces to stop indulging in blame game and join hands to steer the country out of the prevailing crises in which it had been plunged by the dictatorial forces over the past several years. The Prime Minister at the same time asked the people of Pakistan to support his government in its endeavour to turn Pakistan into a true welfare state where people would be unaware of unemployment, common man could give quality education to his offsprings and business community feel secure and never ever think of taking their capital out of the country. In his maiden address to the nation on national hook-up, Premier Gilani pledged to the people of Pakistan that PPP government would give them confidence and would come up to their expectation and turn Pakistan into a state where they would have true realisation of their dreams. Prime Minister also referred to the hurdles placed in the way of the government and pledged to get full benefit of the geographic location of the country and turn Pakistan into a market for Central Asian states. Holding the dictatorial forces and the previous government responsible for the prevailing mess in almost every sphere of life, Premier Gilani said that like past, the Pakistan People's Party would steer the country out of prevailing crises with the support of the people of Pakistan. He also referred to the long history of PPP leadership's struggle for the rights of the people to win which Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had laid down his life and not compromised the democratic rights of the people to a dictator and likewise his daughter Shaheed-I-Jamhooriat Ms Benazir Bhutto went down fighting for the rights of people and against the extremist elements hell-bent to derail the country from the democratic path. "She lit the candle of democracy with her blood and vowed that PPP leadership and its workers would not let this beacon of light extinguish," he observed. He also referred to the host of challenges facing the coalition government and expressed his optimism that the political forces would keep the hopes of the masses alive with the help of incumbent political dispensation alive and come out victorious at the end of the day. Premier Gilani said that today Parliament was supreme and sovereign. He paid tributes to the sagacity of the coalition partners-PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif, ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan and JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman and even the opposition parties for rising to the occasion and unanimously electing him the Prime Minister and placing their weight behind him. Listing some of the successes of his government PM Gilani said that for the first time in Parliamentary history of the country, defence budget was placed for debate before the House, Leader of Opposition was nominated in the first session, he himself responded to the question of the MPs in the House, decided to make National Finance Commission a vibrant body, all the deposed judges and other political prisoners were freed and concrete steps were taken to mitigate the sufferings Balochistan and other small provinces. He said that serious efforts were made to put an end to the political victimisation and an atmosphere of reconciliation was created to keep the federating units intact. Accepting the responsibility for problems being faced by the people at large due to unprecedented price-hike and inflation, Premier Gilani said that price-hike of essential commodities and food insecurity had international dimension. The whole world, he said, was confronted with hike in the petroleum prices which had touched the record mark of US $ 140 a barrel while the food crisis was also haunting the whole humanity. He also held responsible the previous government for the prevailing situation for not taking proper steps to cope people's problems. He said that increased number of vehicles and use of cell phones was not the indicator of prosperity and the previous government had turned the country into consumption driven economy, which in turn had given rise to inflation. He also blamed the previous government for not paying due attention to the agriculture sector, thus paving the way for inflation by just printing the currency notes. He said that they would bring things normalcy by giving boost to agriculture and trade to put the economy on sound footing. He said that they would deal with the hoarders and profiteers with iron hand but at the same time assured the business community that their capital would be fully protected in the country and asked them not to take away their money and invest for the collective good of their country. The Prime Minister at the same time appealed to the nation not to use the items resulting in the drain of the foreign exchange and said that by just reducing the use of petrol alone, the country could save billions of US dollars. He also referred to some of the steps for giving boost to the agriculture sector and said that before the wheat sowing season, the government would revise the wheat support price which was fixed at Rs 625 per 40 kg soon after he was elected to lead the country. He also referred to giving Rs 30 billion agri loans with insurance cover and subsidy on fertilizers.He further said that for milk production the government would support some 10,000 farmers by providing them with soft loans. Referring to the power crisis, Gilani said that it was the government of PPP under Ms Benzir Bhutto in early 90s which had launched IPP projects to provide power to the country and "had these contracts of power generations not been signed at that time, the country would have seen worst load-shedding now", he added. He said that some US $ 4 billion investment in power generation sector was expected while at the same time Thar Coal Project would be fully utilized and an authority in this connection had been formed and during his upcoming US visit, he would be having a round table conference with international monetary bodies for resolution of the power shortage facing the country. Terming the international war on terror 'country's own war' Gilani said that his party Chairperson had lost her life while fighting against these extremist elements and his government would not compromise on it and flush out these elements from Pakistani society. He said that his government would not let any external elements to use Pakistani soil for terrorist activities and in this connection would play its due role and hoped that international community would come to its aide. He said that PPP government had also called the meeting of all the coalition partners on July 23 to further fine-tune the country's strategy on war against terror and the role of Pakistan in weeding out extremist elements from the restive tribal areas. He said that the country's nuclear assets were in safe hands and Pakistan Armed Froces' defence needs would be fully met so as to make country's defence impeccable. He said that developing good relations with neighbours was also the cornerstone of his government's policy and that was the reason that it had opened the 5th round of composite dialogue with India to settle all the outstanding issues through dialogue. Pakistan wanted the solution of Kashmir dispute as per the wishes of the Kashmiri people, he added. Premier Gilani also referred to the steps taken by his government for the welfare of the people of Pakistan including housing projects, appointment of lady health visitors, school feeding programme to give food to poor students, lifting of ban from trade and student unions, providing more liberties to minorities, steps to revoke PEMRA and introducing Freedom of Information law, constitution for journalists protection laws and initiation of negotiations for granting wage board award to media persons. Highlights n     The government has taken steps on war-footing to control wheat prices and ensure its availability by allowing import of 2.5 million tonnes of the grain. n    Agriculture loans for farmers have been increased by Rs. 30 billion. Cheaper import of tractors and agri-equipments has been facilitated. n     Wheat Support Price increased to Rs. 625 per 40 kg from Rs. 475. New Wheat Support Price to be announced before the harvest of new crop. Rs 20.50 billion set aside for development of agriculture sector. * New policy to import cheaper tractors and agriculture machinery has been announced with sufficient subsidy and abolition of sales tax on fertilizer. * Insurance scheme for crop loans has been approved and  government would  pay premier money for the small farmers. * Incentives for 10,000 small farmers to enhance milk production under   white revolution. Foreign investors offered $4 billion investment in the power sector, reposing confidence in government policies. * Setting up of Thar Coal Authority to explore huge coal reserves. * Extraordinary meeting of heads of coalition partners to be held next week to evolve comprehensive strategy to address  terrorism and extremism. * Pakistan to establish cordial relations with the neighboring states,    including India. * Kashmir issue to be resolved in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Kashmir. * No foreign power to be allowed operation inside Pakistan's territory. * Pakistan is responsible nuclear power and nuclear assets are in safe hands. * The nation has full confidence in its armed forces. * Benazir Income Support Programme to commence from August 14 this year, which will benefit 3.4 million poor families. * Free of cost Identity Cards schemes has been started to the benefit of 25 million people. * Utility Stores to be set up at every Union Council level for the supply of essential items on cheaper rates. * 1600 Mobile Utility Store are being set up in the remote areas.  * Pay and pension of government employees increased by 20 percent. * Labour wages increased to Rs. 6,000 from Rs. 4,000. * Rs. 1000 each to be paid to poor families under Benazir Support        Programme. * For the scheme, Benazir Cards will be issued and NADRA has already been provided additional staff to expedite the process. * Rs two billion revolving fund has been set up under PM's Housing Project. * 8,000 CNG buses would be launched in ten big cities under Green Transport Scheme at a cost of Rs 40 billion. * 20,000 Lady Health Workers would be recruited this year with doubling the quota for Balochistan. * Rs 20 billion Mother and Child Care Programme has been started under which 20,000 community mid-wives would be recruited. * Rs. 5 billion new school feeding programme has been started for students of primary schools in backward areas. * Quota for the government employment for women has been doubled and new legislative process has been started for protection of women rights * Ban on trade and student unions has been lifted. Steps are underway for restoration of employees terminated on political grounds. * Contract employees from Grade 1-15 have been regularized. * Bill has been moved against Pemra discriminatory laws. * Journalist victim fund has been set up for protection of journalists. * Legislative process on 2008 Freedom of Information Bill is underway. * Consultative process has been started on constitution of Wage Board for working journalists. * Special focus is laid on reactivating Chinese Economic Zone in Lahore for Chinese investors. * Jail reforms are undertaken on brisk pace and steps are underway to set reforms centers at jails. * The government is committed to steer the country out of crises        translating the dreams of the nation into reality. * All parliamentarians were given development funds sans any discrimination. * Government decided to reactivate NFC Award and Council of Common Interests. * Orders were issued for the release of incarcerated judges, lawyers and political prisoners and the nation will soon hear the good news with regard to restoration of deposed judges. * Country's economic plight will be improved in intrinsic fashion on top priority instead of resorting to cosmetic measures. * Hoarding and unfair profit earning would be brought to an end.   *Special Programme for the control and treatment of hepatitis has been initiated under direct supervision of the Prime Minister with an appeal to the national and international institutions for cooperation in this regard.