LAHORE - Despite the fact that four-member inquiry committee in its recommendations has opined that there was strong possibility that the 19-year-old girl might have died due to Maxlon injection, the Mayo Hospital, emergency department doctors are still treating the patients with the same injection. Martindale, the reference book on pharmacology, also clearly states that the Maxlon can produce serious adverse affects including extra-pyrmidal side effects leading to the death of patients, especially those between the ages of 16 to 20. It is pertinent to mention here that FSc student Sadaf Munir who had died due to the reaction of the said Maxlon injection was 19 years old. A hospital source said that the emergency department of the Mayo Hospital had purchased the low-priced injection, Maxlon/Metoclopramide, in bulk as an alternate of injections Marzine or Gravinate used for vomiting. "If the hospital administration is still unmoved and continuing with the practice of administering this fatal injection, it should not at least be used for the patients between the ages of 16 and 20", a doctor at Mayo Hospital said, commenting on bad effects of the controversial injection. On Saturday, the doctors administered the injection Maxlon/Metoclopramide to a close relative of the former governor Punjab admitted in the AVH ward of the hospital. Similarly, two patients - Muhamamd Aslam and Sugran Bibi - suffering from gastro were administered the same drug in the hospital emergency department the same day. As the City is in the grip of the seasonal disease, a large number of gastro patients are visiting emergency departments of the public hospitals with complaints of vomiting. The consultants are suggesting the patients two injections of Marzine and Gravinate (both having same ingredients). The Mayo Hospital emergency department which has a huge stock of the alternate injection, Maxlon/Metoclopramide, was administering the said injections instead of Marzine or Gravinate. "As many as 3,000 injections Maxlon/Metoclopramide are available in the pharmacy of the emergency department and doctors are using the said drug to almost every patient visiting with the complaint of vomiting or gastro", a doctor told this scribe seeking anonymity. AMS Medical Stores of the hospital confirmed the huge stock of injections Metoclopramide in the emergency department saying that the said drug was approved by the purchase committee of the hospital during a rate contract with the medical company. She claimed that the senior doctors of the hospital were suggesting the patients two injections Marzine and Gravinate due to lack of knowledge as they do not know that these injections were not available in the emergency department. When asked about a reference book on pharmacology that has clearly stated the serious adverse affects of the Maxlon injection, she said that it was responsibility of the purchase committee or the administration of the hospital which had approved contract in this regard. When contacted, MS Dr Zafar Ikram said that the purchase committee had approved the drug Maxlon/ Metoclopramide before his appointment as MS and he was not in a position to comment on the issue.