An article "Plot Against the Tribal Peace Process", published in your newspaper on July 7, 2008 has given an impartial and comprehensive analysis of the deteriorating situation in the tribal region after the army operation. The writer Sajjad Shaukat is quite right that US, India and Afghanistan are trying to destabilize our country. No doubt, these countries are in collusion to sabotage the FATA peace process so that their nefarious designs are fulfilled. The writer has given a number of references (statements of high officials) in proving logically that Washington, New Delhi and Kabul are playing a double game with Islamabad and are trying to convert Pakistan into a failed state. They think the unrest in FATA region shall justify the deployment of NATO forces in this country. That will be done under the pretext that Pakistan is a terrorist state whose nuclear weapons are in danger of falling into the hands of Al-Qaeda. The credit goes to your paper for having pointed out the conspiracy against Pakistan. It is about time we dealt with this external plot by setting aside our differences and having a strong sense of unity. -SADIA MEHMOOD, Lahore, via e-mail, July 7.