RAWALPINDI - Potohar Town Council (PTC) unanimously passed its fourth annual budget for 2008-09 fiscal year here on Saturday.       Potohar Town Nazim Hamid Nawaz Raja presented the budget and the 52-member house in the meeting, chaired by Convener Chaudhry Mazhar Mehmood, passed it. The members also condemned the registration of a false case against District Nazim Raja Javaid Ikhlas. The budgetary documents of the town showed that the current income was Rs 260 million less than that of the previous year income that stood at Rs 680.84 million. No new tax was levied in the budget and major chunk of the annual income will come from the closing balance that is Rs 210.25 million and the town will gather Rs 210.36 million from its own resources for the next fiscal year. The estimate of the total expenditure is Rs 380.59 million for 2008.09 against the Rs 660.45 million. The total volume of non-development expenditures is Rs 110.01 million that include Rs 60.94 million for salaries of the staff, Rs 20.46 million for contingency expenditures and Rs 10.6 million have been earmarked for the necessary expenditures. The development expenditures of the town for the next year are Rs 270.58 million. Some Rs 60.80 million will be spent on schemes going on under Annual Development Plan (ADP), Rs 130.86 million have been set aside for the schemes to be executed under the programme of citizen community boards (CCBs), Rs 4.72 million will be used for the ongoing development schemes started by a chief minister package and Rs 7 million have been put aside for the repair and works. The town nazim did not announce any new development scheme as per the directives of the provincial government and mentioned only ongoing schemes that included projects under chief minister package for the year 2005/06, schemes initiated by the development package for member provincial assembly 2005/06, projects under funds for Kachi Abadi and schemes in PP-6 and PP-10 and Dhamial Model Village. Speaking on the occasion, Town Nazim Hamid Nawaz Raja said that the ever-increasing inflation had made the living difficult for the common man and the new government had failed to provide the promised relief to the people. He said no new tax was being levied in the Potohar Town budget to put extra financial burden on the already struggling people. Later, the members passed the new regulations about the award and cancellation of contracts in the town under the directions of Punjab Local Government and Community Development Department. Naib Nazim of UC NO 85 (Dhamial) Chaudhry Masood Akhtar condemned the registration of a criminal case against the District Nazim and a statement of the city police officer (CPO) about the possibility of registration of another case against the public representatives for violating section 144. The other members also condemned the police behaviour terming it political victimization. The convener announced the end of the session after he himself expressed his concerns over the attitude of police towards the representatives of the people.