THE PTCL employees are still protesting against the Unified Pay Scale introduced by the administration. The workers have threatened to paralyse countrywide PTCL connections on July 21 in case their demands were not met. Verbal assurance from the PTCL administration of keeping the workers' interests in mind must have been followed by definite and clear orders. Despite weeklong demonstrations, nobody, neither the government nor the PTCL high ups seem to be giving attention to this problem. At present about 30,000 workers are on strike and their demands appear to be quite genuine: they only want the administration to cancel the UPS and upgrade their pay in accordance with the rising inflation. Workers say that the UPS would put the career of thousands of workers in jeopardy besides taking away their health and other benefits. If that is what is really ailing the demonstrators and the cause of so much trouble, there should be no foot-dragging on the issue. The government had better resolve the issue without any further delay. The manner in which the Rangers baton-charged the peaceful protestors outside the PTCL office in Islamabad a few days back has only aggravated the situation. It is the responsibility of both the government and the PTCL administration to step forward and remove the grievances of the employees.