ISLAMABAD - The cracks-ridden PML-Q has failed to resolve differences within regarding party leadership, as the dissident group is not ready to accept Ch Shujaat Hussain its future leader. Efforts are underway to requisition the partys 2006 General Council, the supreme body, at the earliest to decide the partys future course, the dissident groups central leader and former federal minister Hamayun Akhtar Khan told TheNation on Sunday. He was not surprised when his attention was drawn to the developments as Chaudhry Group led by Ch Shujaat Hussain is going to elect its own leadership today (Monday). We do not recognise the un-elected and handpicked members of the General Council that would elect Ch Shujaat unopposed, Khan asserted adding, This is why we are questioning the credibility of the General Council handpicked by the Chauhdry Group. He also claimed support of the majority of PML-Q MPs in the National Assembly, Senate and four provincial assemblies supporting them with the consensus that the partys central president should be elected from the smaller province rather than making it a family affair. PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Sayed who is running for the same slot in todays party polls has said that after the party elections, PML-Q will emerge as strong, popular and credible opposition in the country. There is a government (PPP) and a government-in-waiting (PML-N) in the country while the vacuum of opposition would be filled by PML-Q in an efficient manner, he said while talking to TheNation. About the dissidents, Mushahid said that they must take part in the party polls. We would welcome them warmly if they take part in the polls. Now their demand of holding intra-party polls is going to be fulfilled and I would ask them again to participate in the democratic process, he added. He also hoped that some of the dissident party members would come back and participate in the elections. Mushahid said that after party elections, he along with Ch Shujaat Hussain would visit the country to re-organise the party at the grass root level. He said that his party leadership had planned to visit Interior Sindh, Gwadar, Balochistan and different areas of NWFP after the elections. We had shown our strength in Abbotabad, Quetta, Lahore and Karachi on July 8 and would show it in Islamabad in elections on Monday, he said. He said that the party workers, leaders and parliamentarians from all over the country were participating in the party polls enthusiastically. Mushahid said that various resolutions on national issue would be passed during the meeting after the elections. We would introduce alternative politics in the country, he observed. Meanwhile, all arrangements were finalised on Sunday for PML-Q central party polls scheduled today (Monday) for which Kamil Ali Agha has been appointed as Chief Election Commissioner and a ten-member committee comprising Tariq Azeem, Imtiaz Ranjha, Raja Basharat, Mustafa Malik, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Dr Amjad, Senator Razina Alam Khan, Shahbaz Goshi, Rizwan Sadiq and Dr Hassan Sarosh would assist him (Kamil Agha) in holding the party polls. Ch Shujaat and Mushahid Hussain Sayed are likely to be elected unopposed for the slots of the president and secretary general respectively. After the election, the new president would be fully empowered to nominate the party leaders for other offices. == APP adds - PML-Q General Council is all set to re-elect Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Mushahid Hussain Sayed as Party President and Secretary General 'unopposed for yet another term today (Monday). While the dissidents have once again announced to boycott the Mondays elections claiming that Chaudhrys cannot even gather only 21 MNAs out of the total 53. In an exclusive talk with APP, Azim Chaudhry, spokesman of the partys rebel group said Chaudhry show would not be successful as most of the legislators would stay away from the election in protest to the policies adopted by Shujaat group. 'You would see there would be no senior Muslim Leaguer like Majid Malik, Gohar Ayub Khan, Akram Zaki, Ejazul-Haq, Jan Muhammad Jamali, Hamid Nasir Chatta, Salim Saifullah, Nisar Muhammad Khan, S M Zafar etc, he said. He said that Ch Shujaats third-time election as president of the party was unlawful and an open violation of the partys constitution and also a violation of Political Parties Act 2002. PML-Q Central Media Coordinator, Ghulam Mustafa Malik claimed that more than 35 MNAs, 16 Senators and most of the MPAs would participate in the party election. He told APP that 722 delegates of the General Council would attend the meeting from Punjab while 295 members from Sindh, 270 from NWFP, 111 from Balochistan, 37 from federal capital, 37 from FATA and 28 from Northern Areas would participate in the Mondays election. Most of the delegates have reached Islamabad where 600 rooms have been reserved in different hotels to accommodate them.