QINGDAO (INP) - Two China-built Navy ships, PNS Shamsher and PNS Nasr, reached the Qingdao naval port Tuesday. The ships were received by a large group of Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) Navy officers, officials of the Pakistan Embassy, general public, schoolchildren and media representatives. The reception team of PLA Navy was headed by Rear Admiral Sun, Deputy Commander North Sea Fleet. Chief of Staff of Pakistan Navy, Vice Admiral Asif Sandila was also present on the occasion. Later, Pakistan Navy delegation met North Sea Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Tian Zhong and Mayor of Qingdao, Xia Geng. The delegation also visited PLA Navy ships, submarines and units. Qingdao, the capital of Shandong province, is a major seaport, naval base and industrial centre of the eastern China.