Nothing is well in Balochistan and people there are losing hope every passing day. Target-killing, kidnapping and finding bullet-ridden bodies have become a norm. No one is pushed. The provincial government led by the Pakistan Peoples Party has miserably failed to govern the province. The Federal Government appears to be happy with issuing a statement every alternate day. Holding federal cabinet meeting in Quetta and making false claims about developmental activities would solve nothing. Both the President and the Prime Minister have started believing their own propaganda that the province is being run fine. Even the announcement of appointing a commission to investigate the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti has not made any difference. Sons of late Bugti have been demanding arrest of Pervez Musharraf but no practical measure has been taken in this direction so far. The Chief of the Army Staff Ashfaq Parvaiz Kayani made a pledge that the Para-military troops would be withdrawn and later everyone forgot about it. How long the authorities would continue to fool people of this strategically located largest province? There is an urgent need that no such actions should be taken that would add salt to injury. But things are happening to the contrary. Two day back, Zain Bugti, son of Akbar Bugti was off-loaded along with his wife and children while boarding a flight to Uzbekistans capital Tashkent. He was again off-loaded on Tuesday while he was trying to board a flight to London for treatment of his ailing mother. On inquiring Zain was informed that his name was placed on the Exit Control List hence they could not allow him to leave the country. Such events would enhance the grievance of the people of Balochistan and they would react in their own way. The need of the hour is that political leadership and ruling elite should join hands to initiate a dialogue with the nationalist elements which is either in the hiding or have taken refuge in other countries including Afghanistan.