Police launched a crackdown against sellers of fireworks and crackers. Police arrested 15 in crackdowns being conducted in Rawalpindi and confiscated large amount of firecrackers and other varieties of fireworks. Earlier, the city district government had prohibited the preparation and sale of different inflammable items including firecrackers and varieties of fireworks, particularly on the occasion of Shab-e-Barat. Special directives were issued for crackdowns to apprehend the violators and to register cases against them. It is to be mentioned here that firecrackers are not only a waste of money but also, cause serious air pollution. They also creates great disturbance for those who pass the night (Shab-e-Barat) offering special prayers, recitation from the Holy Quran, holding Milad Mahfil, Zikr, and other religious rituals to mark the occasion with due solemnity. KHURRAM SALEEM, Islamabad, July 18.