The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has approved the Ramzan package for utility stores, report said. The price of food items at utility stores will be decreased by Rs 4 to Rs 40 per kilo. The price of ghee was decreased by Rs 15 while wheat was reduced by Rs 4 per kilo. In the Ramzan Package per kilo price of tea was reduced by Rs 40 and the price for lentils, dates, rice and grain flour was reduced by Rs 10. The price for packet milk was decreased by Rs 5 per kilo. Listed below are the reduced per kilo prices: Ghee: Rs 147, Wheat: Rs 22.5, Gram flour: Rs 53, Lentil (chana): Rs 67, Lentil (moong): Rs 120, Dates: Rs 110, Rice: Rs 74, Milk: Rs 70, Tea: Rs 495.