LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif gave a detailed briefing to PML-N chief Muhammad Nawaz Sharif about the revival of natural beauty of Murree, provision of civic and tourist facilities and ongoing development projects at a meeting in the hill station Tuesday. Steering Committee Chairman Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Adviser to CM Raja Ashfaq Sarwar, Rawalpindi commissioner, Environment secretary, Wildlife DG, PHA director general and high-ups of departments concerned were present. Nawaz Sharif said the previous government ruined the natural beauty of tourist spots in Murree and paid no attention to its development. He commended Shahbaz Sharifs efforts for provision of tourist facilities, restoration of scenic beauty and ongoing projects of public welfare in Murree. Shahbaz Sharif said public betterment and early completion of development schemes in Murree like other parts of the province was his top priority. He added that natural environment and beauty of the tourist spot was destroyed by illegal constructions in the former regime. He added that multi-storey buildings of plazas and hotels were constructed haphazardly while illegal constructions were permitted for minting money. He observed that the former government did not heed to the maintenance of roads, improvement of parks, provision of tourist facilities and other projects for beautification of Murree executed by the PML-N in its previous tenure due to which the roads and parks of the hill station suffered heavy damage. Those responsible for destroying the natural beauty will be taken to task, he promised. Shahbaz Sharif mentioned that repair and reconstruction of nine important roads of Murree had been completed while Old Murree Road from Satrameel had also been repaired. A weighbridge will be constructed at Satrameel on Old Murree Road for weighing load on trucks, he said. The chief minister directed that the steering committee be set up on development projects in Murree to search new parking places to attract tourist. He said the tourists and visitors could be brought through the proposed projects of cable car, soft-wheel train and coasters for making Murree vehicle-free. The CM said long-term planning would be made for the provision of tourist and civic amenities in the area and the master plan in this regard would be finalised soon. He said a consolidated mechanism would also be evolved for solid waste management and cleanliness. He directed the tehsil administration and other departments concerned to ensure cleanliness within a week. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Raja Ashfaq Sarwar, Commissioner Rawalpindi Zahid Saeed and other officials informed the meeting about the water supply project, restoration of wildlife park and other proposed projects. The CM was informed that officials of TMA, who approved illegal building plans and indulged in corruption, had been removed from service after completion of formalities.