Hezbollah Secretary General Seyed Hassan Nasrollah said on Tuesday that Hezbollah will overcome the conspiracy of international tribunal and emerge stronger than ever, Iranian news agency irna reported on Wednesday. According to the report, he said that one hundred indictments against Hezbollah would not change anything in the balance. Seyed Hassan Nasrollah declared his support for dialogue initiative launched by president Michel Slieman, and denied claims that Hezbollah was not serious in dealing with the dialogue, recalling all political factions that the Resistance party was the first to present its defensive strategy. Seyed Nasrollah was speaking during second ceremony organized by the Martyr Association for the Graduation of martyrs sons and daughters. The ceremony was held in Shahed Educational Complex in the southern suburb of Beirut. Hezbollah Secretary General stressed that the dreams of some politicians that international tribunal would get rid of the Resistance would not come true. 'How could the Resistance was not hit by the strongest air force in the region to be shaken by (STL Prosecutor Daniel) Bellemare and company?' In another note Hezbollah Secretary General declared his support for any national dialogue for meeting among Lebanese at the dialogue table. He rejected that Hezbollah was not serious in this matter. Meanwhile, Hezbollah Secretary General hailed the latest stances made by Sheikh Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmad Tayeb. He expressed full respect for the cleric's statement especially those related to the Shiite, Sunnis, and the necessity to achieve rapprochement among Muslims. On the issue of releasing detainees from Lebanese prisons, Seyed Nasrollah said, 'There are large numbers of detainees in Lebanese prisons, regardless of religious and political affiliations, here, we are speaking of justice and we focus on the detainees as human beings, no matter what their religious and political identities are. He added that the majority of detainees have not faced trial and many of them are in fact innocent and this is unfair.