Our Staff reporter JHANG - A protest rally was taken out by hundreds of Kiln owners and workers against the imposition of 16 percent sale tax on the sale of bricks. The brick kiln workers and owners on dozen of tractor-trolleys took part in the rally. Marching through Jhang-Faisalabad Road, Ayub Chowk and Kutchery Road, the participants of the rally reached DCO office where they blocked the road for two hours as a move to press the government withdraw the unjust levy. The participants were carrying placards and banners and were chanting slogans against the levy of the GST. The speakers warned that if the sale tax was not withdrawn hundred of kiln workers would be rendered jobless and the price of bricks would soar exorbitantly. RALLY AGAINST POWER CUTS: On the call of Labour Qaumi Movement (LQM), hundreds of Power Looms owners and workers, traders and citizen from different walks of life took to street in protest against more than 16 hours long unscheduled loadshedding. Marching on different city roads, the protesters reached DCO office it turned into a public meeting. On the occasion, speakers said that 70 percent of Power Looms and other industrial units had shut down due to prolonged loadshedding, rendering thousands of poor workers jobless. They warned that if the power outages duration was not rationalised, the Labour Qaumi Movement would launch a massive protest and a sit-in would be staged in front of Commissioner Office in Faisalabad July 21. Later, the protesters dispersed peacefully.