Rehman Malik offers his services to India to probe into the recent Mumbai bomb blasts says a news item in Pakistani press. Perhaps he (Rehman Malik) thinks that India does not have enough resources to probe into this disaster or he has the James Bond qualities to find the hidden hand An Interior minister of Pakistan, who has failed to control the law and order situation of his own country has offered his services to India must have been taken as a joke by the Indian government. The merciless killings in Karachi and bomb blasts all over the country continue unabated ever since he has taken over as Home Minister. He claims to know the culprits and has reached very near to them. His recent outburst and statement on the Karachi killings was the funniest one quote the wives are getting their husbands killed and the girls getting their boy friends killed and vice a versa unquote. There is no doubt that he reaches at ever crime scene in a special plane using the bullet proof BMWs with blackened glasses and elite force commandos protecting him. On every crime scene he tells the press and public with great confidence that he knows who is behind it. It may be mentioned here that he has not been able to apprehend a single mastermind so far in his tenure and yet he keeps on making tall claims in his typical English. India must be smiling on his offer and perhaps his counterpart must be thinking to ask Malik to first control his own countrys bomb blasts or Karachis killings. His offer is like offering electricity to India by Naveed Qamar, minister of Water and Power. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, July 18.