LAHORE - The candidates of MQM and PML-N will face each other in some districts of Punjab for Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly (AJKLA) seat (LA-30, Jammu-1) on Wednesday (today), as the stated constituency spreads over Sindh and Balochistan, besides some parts of Punjab. The elections for (LA-30, Jammu-1) were earlier postponed on June 26th, as the MQM boycotted the polls, due to seat adjustment rift with PPP, while the election authority in Sindh had also refused to supervise the polling process due to insufficient security arrangements keeping in view the poor law and order situation especially in Karachi. According to AJK election authorities, the polling will be held in 22 polling stations of Lahore, while around 13,000 voters from the provincial metropolis will exercise their right of adult franchise, besides the polling process in some parts of Sheikhupura, Jhang, Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh, Multan, Sargodha and Vehari. The AJKLA seat (LA-30, Jammu-1) falls in Pakistan as the share of refugees of Occupied Jammu, which reside mainly in Sindh, Balochistan and some districts of Punjab, while the seat considered being the largest constituency of AJKLA in Pakistan. The picture of candidates in this constituency on June 26th revealed that Mirza Abdul Rasheed Jarral was running as PML-N contender, while Abdul Rasheed Dar represents Muslim Conference, Sardar Maqsood-uz-Zaman was the candidate of PPP, while Tahir Khokhar was MQMs contender. However, against the backdrop of peace deal between MQM and PPP, the candidate of PPP, Sardar Maqsood-uz-Zaman candidature has been withdrawn, while the Muslim Conference in the new political scenario with reference to MQM has also withdrawn its contender Abdul Rasheed Dar in favour of the MQM. In the current situation, the showdown will take place between MQM and PML-N, while it seems that MQM has a clear edge over the PML-N with the support of PPP and Muslim Conference. When contacted, a veteran lobbyist for Kashmiri leaders, Sadiq Jarral said that deployment of Rangers was a must for the peaceful conduct of the polling on (LA-30, Jammu-1), however, Punjab government has not requested the Rangers authorities to deploy the force on the day of the polling. The security arrangements on polling day in the stated constituency of AJKLA will be the responsibility of the Punjab police. It is to be mentioned here that AJKLA has 41 direct election seats of which 12 seats fall in Pakistan as the share of refugees of Jammu and Kashmir Valley settled in Pakistan. Of total 12 AJKLA seats in Pakistan, nine fall in Punjab, two in Sindh and one in Khyber-Pukhtunkhawa. Six of the seats in Pakistan are the share of refugees of Occupied Jammu, while another six allocated to the refugees of Held Kashmir Valley. The reserve seats of AJKLA include five seats for women, one for overseas Pakistanis, one for technocrats and the last for ulema and mashaikh.