WASHINGTON (Online) - ISPR DG Maj-Gen Athar Abbas on Tuesday refuted reports of immediate launching of operation in North Waziristan Agency (NWA), saying that presently the main focus is on Kurram Agency while operation is near conclusion in Mohmand. In an exclusive interview with BBC and VOA, he opined that more than 1,500 militants have laid down their arms in Mohmand Agency while numerous terrorists have been killed in military operations. Gen Athar said the military is conducting its operations in the countrys tribal region without external support. Pakistan Army is using its own equipment, ammunition and other combat resources to fight al-Qaeda and Taliban militants along the Afghan border, he added. Replying to a question, he said that people returning to their homes in war-torn of Bajaur, Mohmand, Orakzai and other areas are being looked after by Pakistan Army and the political administrations while they are being provided maximum facilities on emergent basis. Army spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the video showing security mens execution by Taliban, adding that the murderers came from the Swat Valley, an area that was controlled by the militants before the army took back its control after a large offensive in 2009, but many of the fighters slipped across the border into Afghanistan. The Taliban released a video Monday showing fighters executing 16 Pakistani security personnel in a hail of gunfire who were captured in a cross-border raid from Afghanistan earlier this summer. The video shows the security men lined up on a hillside with their hands tied behind their backs, standing in front of armed Taliban fighters wearing scarves to hide their faces. The video showed both the victims and the murderers wearing shalwar qameez, the traditional Pakistani dress.