LAHORE Stressing upon the need of ensuring merit while appointing medics in teaching cadre, the Doctors Grand Alliance has alleged that two 'so-called officebearers of Pakistan Medical Association were trying to get posting as Assistant Professors in violation of service rules. Addressing a press conference here at the Services Hospital on Tuesday, representatives of various medics bodies said that the PMAs so-called officebearers were medical officers and they could not be inducted in the teaching cadre as APs. Punjab Medical Teachers Association General Secretary Dr Tehseen Riaz, Punjab Young Doctors Association President Dr Hamid Butt, PMA (Equity) General Secretary Dr M Abdul Rauf and medics from different teaching hospitals alleged that these two doctors were using influence to relax rules for their direct appointment as APs by bypassing senior registrars. They said that it was a pity that these doctors were candidates for AP slots but at the same time were conducting interviews of others. They urged the Punjab chief minister, chief secretary and health secretary to intervene and stop illegal interference of the PMA officebearers in the process of regularisation of medics. They stressed upon promotion of SRs as APs instead of inducting MOs in teaching cadre. They also urged the quarters concerned to abolish the cut-off date and provide equal opportunities to the fresh postgraduates for appointment in teaching cadre. Referring to the newly formulated alliance of teaching hospitals medics, they said various associations representing the medical community all over the province including MTA, YDA and Postgraduate Medical Association have joined hands to safeguard the interests of the medical community. Dr Tehseen Riaz said the alliance would not allow such 'elderly and incompetent MOs to get entry into teaching cadre by committing fraud with the medical community. He warned of strong protest against giving any undue favour to the PMA officebearers and other junior doctors in the promotion and regularisation case of doctors.