ISLAMABAD - The Quaid-I-Azam University (QAU) has called an emergency meeting of Syndicate, the highest decision-making body of the university, on Saturday in which the findings and recommendations of the inquiry committee on alleged harassment case against Controller Examination would be presented to get them approved. A female student of Plant Sciences had file an application in the VC office against the Controller Examination, Sardar Babar, alleging that she was sexually harassed by the Controller on which the VC had constituted a four-member inquiry committee to probe the allegations. It is expected that the decision is going to be against the Controller Examination and in favour of the student. The sources informed TheNation that the way the meeting of Syndicate has been called and the findings of the committee has not been made public, it seems that the committee has given its decision against him and it is very likely that the meeting of the highest decision-making body has been called to get its approval against the Controller Examination. The agenda of the meeting has not been circulated among the members according to the usual practice that enables the members to study the issues and to discuss and give their final opinion on them in the meeting instead the things are being kept secret that shows the mala fide intensions of the university administration. As the inquiry committee was biased due to prolonged tussle between the controller and its two main members it is very likely that they may recommend to terminate the services of the controller on the bases of this case and the cases that appeared in the past against him to settle old scores with him. It has also been learnt reliably that the Controller had expressed his mistrust on the committee but the Vice Chancellor had ensured him that the findings would not go against him as the charges levelled against him in the application were of minor nature and nothing would happen to him so he did not challenge the committee. But if the committee recommends his dismissal, he would definitely move the court against the decision. As the student did not level allegations of molestation in the application but alleged that she was only sexually bribed verbally by him even on such charges, if found true, an officer of grade 20 cannot be removed from his services, opined a senior official of the university. Owing to various reasons a lobby was against the Controller and wanted to remove him from the seat. The recent upgradation of the Registrar of the university, Shafiq-ur-Rehman, from grade 20 to 21 despite that he was working on probation period and did not meet the required criterion was also a matter of concern for the Controller as he was the senior most official eligible for any upgradation and he wanted to challenge that decision. There are also rumours at the university and few officials allege that the Controller was inefficient and had a loose moral character.