LAHORE The owners of the mini-vans and rickshaws have started exploiting the passengers by resorting to overcharging. They have taken an advantage of unavailability of gas at the Citys filling stations as the pumps are observing a three-day weekly gas holyday. The major transport companies have been charging the usual fares but the daily commuters are unable to enjoy the facility of those buses as only 200 buses are plying at city routes against the need of at least 2,000. Resultantly, the thousands of the people use rickshaws and mini vans to reach at their work places and they are charged extra during the three days. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are very difficult days for me; I pay Rs 50 extra daily to reach at my shop located Chowk Yatimkhana, said a commuter Muhammad Arshad while standing at Kalma chowk. He said the rickshaw owners already using LPG in their three wheelers exploiting the passengers by taking advantage of the gas shortages and scarcity of public transport during three days. He regretted that life was too hard for a person belonging to poor and middle class family. Multan Road is the busiest road in the city having severe shortages of standard buses. Almost 200 mini vans are playing at the route from Thoker Niaz Beg to Yadgar Chowk, but they double the fare during the three days and also make shortened their destinations. A van which in common days runs from Thoker to Yadgar will cover the distance half from Thoker to Yatim Khana during gas hollidays, a commuter told TheNation. He said that he had to change two vans to reach Data Darbar from Thoker by paying Rs 30 extra. Interestingly, even during the gas holidays, the van owners filled their vehicles tankers from the filling stations during the night time but raised the fare Rs 2 to Rs 5 per destination.