It has been reported that IPPs have accumulated Rs. 140 billion debt from banks due to inability of Govt. to ensure fuel supplies. As a result power generation is only 13000 MW compared to 21000 MW generation capacity i.e. 61.9 percent while 38.1 % capacity remains idle. The above situation draws attention to speed up the hydel power generation that does not require import of ever escalating cost of imported fuel. Unfortunately work on Bhasha dam is taking a long time to be built due to several pitfalls and Kalabagh dam has been put on the backburner by the PPP Govt. due to its inability to bring home to its allies the dire need of the dam that can be built at the earliest. The stubborn attitude of PPPs allies like ANP which is unreasonable ought to be corrected. Sindh has also obstructed the dam although it is to get 37% share of water i.e. equal to Punjab which has 73% irrigated area of Pakistan. The President has in his grasp to get agreement of the two provinces which have so for resisted the dam based on unfounded fears. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, July 16.