LONDON (Agencies) - Timeless Test - a match that only ends when one team wins - could be held to decide the World Test Championship in 2013, ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat has said. The latest ICC Future Tours Programme has a four-year Test league with the top four teams at the end of each period qualifying for a playoff event. Lorgat said the ICC is trying to work out a way to ensure that the playoff does not end in a draw. Weve still got to decide how we determine a winner in case of a draw or if the draw will be the end result. I would favour a winner because you want somebody to be a Test champion, Lorgat said. That is what Dave Richardson and the committee is currently on working on because it is not a good idea to end up with a drawn Test match. You have got to determine a winner - whether it is on the first-innings basis, or the runs (scored) in the game - they will come up with a viable formula to determine a winner in case of a drawn Test match, he added We dont know that yet but we are looking into the mechanics of that. Although looking at the statistics today most of the games have ended in results. Lorgat said a decision would be taken on the matter before the end of the year. Im confident that as we produce context in a Championship for Test cricket and we get better contests, as we have seen in the last few series, you will get back the interest and then see what the World Test Championships can do for us. he said.