ISLAMABAD - Minister of State for Education, Training and Standards in Higher Education, Engr Balighur Rehmen, has proposed a national curriculum commission at the federal level.

The commission would be formed with the consultation of all the provinces. Letters in this regard have been sent to the chief ministers of all the provinces. The structures and main feature of commission would be formulated with the recommendation from the provinces. The purpose of constituting a national curriculum commission is to ensure uniform standard in syllabus and education in both public and private schools at all levels across the country. The commission would give recommendation regarding national ideology, common values and the minimum standards in the entire subject at all levels.

The proposed commission would give representation to all the provinces and the federal territory. Educational experts and secretaries education would be its members. The commission would be headed by all the provinces and the federal government by turn.

It is pertinent to mention here that currently there is no central body for coordination and preparation of curriculum after the devolution of education ministry under the 18th Amendment.