As Israel-Gaza conflict enters into the second week, an intense war of words is also being fought on social media. A number of pro-Israel enthusiasts are taking a firm stand, highlighting the recent rockets attacks from Gaza for the continued conflict, perhaps intentionally ignoring the root-cause of the discord, a decade old occupation of Palestinian land and siege of Gaza for last seven years. I questioned their claim on the land they have been occupying for last 70 years. I countered their argument by showing them demographic changes in Palestine and asked them to comment on the post 1947-48 demographic changes made at gun point.

But let us now condemn Hamas for rejecting the Egyptians-sponsored’ ceasefire, while unnecessarily risking the lives of innocent unarmed civilians, including children, however, please don’t forget the root cause. For how long the Israel’ allies in the western world will keep fooling themselves that with great fire power they can extinguish the desire for independence, this fire is so strong that I promise you it will burn the aggressor itself.


Saudi Arab, July 16.