Reports of sex trade, in connivance with black sheep in FIA, law enforcement agencies, and a corrupt lower judiciary with patrons in bureaucracy and a political establishment of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has shocked millions. The ordeal of thousands of innocent poor girls, duped to travel to Gulf and Middle East countries on false promises of providing lucrative jobs is appalling. They are then forced into sex trade which could not have taken place without the connivance of powerful and corrupt officers in our bureaucracy, especially the FIA.

It was recently reported that prostitutes from Eastern Europe were regularly facilitated to enter Pakistan without any documentation to serve in brothels in Islamabad. Despite being caught red-handed no one has ever been brought to justice. This is happening in a country where terrorism is a major threat, yet foreigners, be they terrorists, or involved in other illegitimate activities, including sex trade, manage to enter through various international airports and border posts. However while all this is going on, we continue with this façade of being an ‘Islamic State.’We are unwilling to make amends and punish those involved in heinous of crimes.While our ruling elite proceed in thousands to perform Umrah, as if they could deceive the Almighty.


Lahore, July 15.