LAHORE (PR) - Raising Our Voice For Gaza’ is the call given by Saloni Bokhari, president Women’s Wing of the Paksitan Tehrik-i-Insaf Punjab chapter, which was taken to its conclusion on Saturday by Dr Zarqa Taimur President Women’s Wing Lahore. The event was conducted by MPA Sadia Sohail, General Secretary Women’s Wing Punjab in Lahore, where PTI President Lahore Aleem Khan was invited along with several PTI leaders.

In a statement, Women’s Wing Punjab Senior Advisor Media Affairs Talath Naqvi stated “PTI Women Wing office bearers and members across the country have indicated strong resentment for the silence from the Ummah against the blatant terrorism unleashed by Israel on the people of Palestine, particularly those in Gaza.” She added that the callous reportage too had been condemnable and PTI women were charged about the manner, in which news reports have been released by various media houses, both nationally and on the international platform. With the exception of Chile, other nations have been silent spectators.

“Brutal force has never achieved anything but more brutality and chaos. We have seen this in our midst where the war on terror has taken its toll in our society. In Kashmir, where Indian hegemony persists and cruelty is at its peak against Kashmiri citizens. In Palestine, the bloody war on civilians has escalated to reach new heights and what has been shocking is that neighbouring countries have provided no refuge to those seeking a safe place for their families,” she regretted.

“Children, the elderly, women, the most vulnerable segments of society, have been failed by the Comity of Nations. It is unprecedented to see children and women, who have always been protected in times of conflict, becoming particular targets in this genocide,” she continued.

The PTI Women Wing, while strongly condemning the ongoing ruthless attacks, said that those who repeatedly flayed the Nazi genocide were perpetuating the same with greater zeal. The women said that they had not forgotten the massacre of Sabra and Shatilla, adding that they were not likely to forget the massacre in Gaza nor forgive the de facto government of Israel and those who stand with them for the blood that stains their hands. “The United Nations half hearted statements have clearly failed in peace efforts. Clinton’s trip to Jerusalem was nothing but a farce.

The manner in which the joint press conference took place clearly indicated that US was trying to appease its own citizens by its presence in the region, but was not prepared to dictate terms to the Zionist regime,” they maintained.

A presentation was also given by Advisor Political Affairs Women’s Wing Punjab Malaika Raza, while Aleem Khan, Mehmood ur Rasheed, Hamid Khan also spoke on the occasion.

Dr Zarqa and Saloni Bokhari, in their speeches, said that the women of PTI had stood up against the deafening silence. “We are deeply shocked at the world’s silence over the predicament of the women and children of Gaza who are locked in a conflict ridden, war torn area with no place to go and no means of attaining any protection. Their plight has to be recorded and disseminated throughout the world and we, the citizens of the Muslim world must stand and raise our voice as one to stop this inhuman massacre by those who are the cause and root of terrorism,” they added.