LONDON - The Monty Python  stars have said they are not tempted to take their reunion show to the US.

The comedy quintet have reunited for 10 Monty Python Live (Mostly) shows at London’s O2 Arena. And the tenth and final gig featuring the septuagenarians ‘really is the last show’, John Cleese insisted. ‘We all feel very content with that now. We weren’t sure at one stage. I certainly thought it might be fun to go and do America but, the more I thought about it, I thought, ‘I don’t really want to’,’ he added.

‘I think it’s much better to try and do it once, really well, in England, where it started, and just leave it at that.’ Eric Idle, who directed the extravagant stage show and penned its famous closing number, Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, back in 1979, added: ‘Our motto has been, ‘Leave them wanting a bit less’.’ Michael Palin added: ‘I’m quite worn out, even after the first number. A slight madness takes over you and you just leap about at certain points.’ The final July 20 gig will be shown live on the Gold channel and in cinemas around the world. Monty Python Live Mostly: One Down Five To Go is on Gold on Sunday, July 20.