WASHINGTON - The U.S. Commander of NATO-led forces in Afghanistan, General Joseph Dunford, told Congress about his reservations on the overall effectiveness of the army operations in North Waziristan .

"They had some success against the Pakistani Taliban and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in North Waziristan from the best that we can tell, but they certainly had less success against the Haqqani Network and others that we would have wanted to see,” the Commander said.

U.S. Commander however stressed the need for strong ties with Pakistan and the importance of reframing relationship with Islamabad.

Dunford, who has been nominated by U.S. President Barack Obama as Commander of U.S. Marine Corps, while responding to a question said the situation is extremely complex and dangerous with the Taliban taking shelter in Pakistan.

Responding to further questions, Dunford said the Taliban and other terrorist organizations are determined to carry out attacks similar to 9/11.