The Chief Justice (CJ) is the head of the judiciary which is a vital organ of the state. Its prime responsibility is the protection and interpretation of the constitution and dispensing justice. I would like to bring his attention to two particular cases of misconduct which are bothering every concerned citizen of the state. The first one is with relevance to the allegations against Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif. He is accused to have taken public resources illegally to purchase flats in London. He has been avoiding answering questions put to him by the public after the Pamana leaks. Why did he not declare his ownership of flats in London, while submitting election nomination papers? What is the source of money by which these flats were purchased? Why has he been concealing his property? The other case is with relevance to the Model Town massacre by Punjab Police, killing 14 innocent Pakistanis. Why is the Punjab Government not making a public justice Najafi commission report? I urge the CJ to immediately look into these matters. 


Lahore, June 20.