Chairman WAPDA has taken his heart out for KBD by clinching the issue in that what rankles in the mind of smaller provinces is the net profit of KBD going to Punjab. There is no earthly reason for not building KBD when the German, French, Chinese and British companies of eminent engineers had okayed it in over a dozen studies of different aspects of the dam. Perhaps it is the most studied dam of world with the peerless site.

Engineers of smaller provinces opposing it on non-technical basis have no experience of dam building. While India has meanwhile built 4000 dams we have been made to stuck with only two dams of Tarbela and Mangla initiated by Ayub Khan. It is said that Alexander the great was stopped by people that he could not proceed further until he opened the Gordian knot. He struck it with his sword and split the Gordian knot into two halves. As such it is up to COAS to cut the Gordian knot by applying the force of Zarb-i-Azab to save Pakistan. India has spent as per press reports billions of dollars to prevent Pakistan from building any dam in the past four decades by feeding its proxy supporters in the form of quisling politicians of ours which have created the Gordian knot of KBD withholding progress of Pakistan till eternity which can only be rectified by the sword of our armed forces.


Lahore, June 22.