ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that being a stakeholder in the Kashmir issue, the whole Pakistani nation is observing the Black Day today in protest against atrocities in the Indian-occupied Kashmir.

In a message on the Black Day, the prime minister said that Pakistan stands with the Kashmiris in every hour of trial and this relation is not only based upon religion, civilisation and humanity but also related to blood.

"We will never leave Kashmiris alone and their case would be fought at all the diplomatic, political and human rights fora," he reiterated.

He said that the current freedom wave in Kashmir would not subside and when nations arose in such a way, nothing could stem their way towards freedom.

India had no other option but to accept its defeat before the heroic struggle, he said. The Prime Minister said on this day, the whole nation would express solidarity with the Kashmiri people. All the government officials would put black arm bands and special prayers would be offered for the Kashmiris after the Zohar prayers.

All the Pakistan's missions aborad would hold special ceremonies to highlight the issue, besides Pakistani diaspora would hold demonstration in front of the UN offices across the globe.

They would mobilise human rights organizations in their respective countries to take notice of the human rights violations in IOK and to sensitize various caucuses in the different regions.

The Prime Minister noted that continuous incidents of human rights violations, desecration of human lives, rapes and depriving the children of their eye-sights had been occurring in the IOK which had perturbed those elements across the globe who had firm belief in the sanctity of humanity.

He said that no State could be allowed to trample the established principles of humanity at the altar of its vested political interests and so called strategy.

The Prime Minister further lamented that the international conscience was in deep slumber over such gross human rights violations.

India had neglected two vital issues while dealing with the Held Kashmir, he said, adding Kashmir could never be regarded as internal issue of India, because the United Nations had already declared the Held Kashmir as disputed territory after India itself approached the UN and promised the world to honour Kashmiris' right to self determination and to hold plebiscite. India itself is making a mockery of its stance before the world community, he added. 

Secondly, the human rights violations had a long history in IOK. Human rights violations are now an international issue, he said.

The Prime Minister questioned when the issue of human rights violations in other countries could be raised at the UN and other fora then why not such grisly incidents in IOK could be featured in the global discussions.

The Prime Minister called upon the international community to give special attention to the status of Pakistan as a stakeholder to the issue and as acknowledged by the UN.

Pakistan could not keep itself aloof if such recurrent inhuman treatment was meted out to the Kashmiris in IOK, he said. He said that India had inflicted a chain of atrocities and aggression over three generations of Kashmiris but now it is a decisive moment for India to grab, whether to continue with its killing spree of the innocent people, or to give them their due right which it had promised to the UN.

The Prime Minister said India could not clamp restrictions on the minds of Kashmiris and gag their voices as they had turned to social media as an effective tool for their voices.

It should realise from history that whenever people had strong determination, use of weapons to curb their urge always became a useless tactic, he added.