LOS ANGELES-Lady GaGa performed an a capella version of ‘Born This Way’ for a children’s orphanage in Mexico.

The 30-year-old singer was visiting Casa Hogar home for boys in Cabo San Lucas over the weekend when one little boy, Christian, asked her to perform.

So without any music or instruments, Gaga sang her hit song much to joy of everyone there. A video of her singing was posted on the orphanage’s Facebook page and was captioned: ‘’Christian ask for a song to Lady Gaga and this it’s what he got!!!’’

Gaga also posted the video and said: ‘’Casa Hogar Cabo AC Facebook Group. Donate to these wonderful boys and help build a home for their sisters they were separated from home. Reunite brothers with their sisters.’’

Casa Hogar - which is home to 31 boys between the ages of four and 18 - aims to ‘’offer a special and happy boys home set in a camp like environment providing physical and emotional care’’ and the ‘Edge of Glory’ hitmaker was very taken with the place.

Posting one picture on Instagram with her being hugged by lots of the boys, Gaga wrote: ‘’Casa Hogar Cabo AC. These young men and growing boys were as bright and radiant as the sunshine in Mexico. A wonderful organization to give to.’’ She described her day there as ‘’awesome’’. She was also given a backpack by the boys which she wore on a night out. She said: ‘’Already miss the boys at Casa Hogar. Wore my shwag out on the town. mis amores. (sic)’’