LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has impressed upon the United States to play its role in stopping the brutalities of the occupation troops in Held Kashmir and ensuring the grant of the right of self determination to the Kashmiris.

Talking to outgoing US Consul General Zachary Herkinrider who called on him at Mansoora yesterday, the JI chief suggested the US to review its policy towards the Muslim world by extending support to the democratic forces instead of dictators.

He urged the US to end the impression that Washington was hostile to Islam and the Muslims.

He pointed out that the US had invaded Iraq and Afghanistan without any just cause and millions of innocent Muslims were killed in these countries because of which there was great resentment among the Muslims towards the US.

Appreciating the efforts of the outgoing diplomat for improving the ties between the US and Pakistan during his tenure, the Pakistani senator said that the US should use its influence for stopping the repression of the Indian occupation forces in Held Kashmir. The US, he said, should pressurise New Delhi and the UN for the quick solution of the Kashmir issue that had created the threat of a clash between two nuclear powers of South Asia.

Sirajul Haq also called upon the US to take notice of the policies of the Bangladesh government as was victimising the opposition, especially the JI leadership there.

He said that the legal status of the so called tribunals of the BD regime had not been accepted by the world at large.

He further urged the US to prevail upon Dhaka regime to honour the tripartite agreement between Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, for ending the cases related to the 1971 events and scrapping their sentence by the so called war crimes tribunal.