LAHORE - Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif yesterday took bed rest at most of the time while kept himself informed about the affairs relating to his office.

Party sources stated that the prime minister at his Raiwind residence felt better last day although he had developed infection in his leg wounds from where veins for his open heart surgery were obtained, and he had caught fever. He remained under observation of his physicians and took rest most of the time.

The prime minister spent time with his family members and did not hold official or meetings with the party leaders.

Due to fever and infection in the wounds, the prime minister had prolonged his stay at Raiwind for a couple of more days. Otherwise he was due to travel to Islamabad to resume official duties on Tuesday. The PM has been staying at his Raiwind Farm House, now declared PM house, since he came back after 48-day stay in London where he had open heart surgery.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, daughter of the prime minister, tweeted a message on the health state of his father saying the prime minister’s health is improving.

He is being given anti-infection medicines and will leave for Islamabad soon, she added in her message.

Meanwhile, a media report yesterday said that Hussain Nawaz, the elder son of prime minister, flew from Saudi Arabia to London to meet the doctors to apprise them of the health state of his father. Media also reported that the prime minister can again go to London for his medical check-up on the advice of his local physicians.