There is no place of profanity in any religion or state. However, unfortunately, the use of abusive language by so called mullahs has become a norm in our country. On the occasion of the completion of forty days past the death of Mumtaz Qadri, a sit-in was organised by religious parties in front of parliament house in Islamabad where objectionable language was being used against the government and military establishment. The clippings and recording are widely available on social media. 

Recently, when a renowned religious figured, Junaid Jamshed, arrived at the Islamabad airport, a group of individuals attacked him with not only physically but also verbally. A few days ago, on a live TV talk show, a journalist, Marvi Sirmed, was verbally accosted and threatened  by a senator of a religious party. This is very disturbing aspect on our society which reflects upon how it ostracises weak individuals. It’s amazing how religious parties are silent on these occasions? Islam does not teach us to speak foul language. There is a dire need for religious organisations to come forward and take measures to avoid the use of such language in the future. 


Faisalabad, June 20.