Karachi-Hum TV announced the airing date for the country’s biggest and much anticipated television awards ceremony, the PEL 5th HUM Awards 2017. The action packed and glittering awards ceremony will be aired on 22 July at 7:30pm on Hum. The star-studded affair not only brought the giants of Pakistan’s entertainment industry under one roof, it also served as a stage to showcase the true entertainment value that Pakistan has to offer. The 5th edition of Hum TV’s glittering awards ceremony boasted some of the most memorable onstage performances by the heartthrobs of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. The glittering awards ceremony is held every year to acknowledge and honour the contributions of actors, singers, playwrights, directors and producers associated with the Network’s plays/productions along with recognizing the work of those in the fields of music and fashion, the ceremony has been dubbed a roaring success by viewers and media critics alike.