I would like to use this opportunity to gain the attention of Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, the chairman of the Supreme Judicial council (SJC). I would like to complain of misconduct against Chief Justice of the Lahore high court, Syed Mansoor Ali Shah – under article 209 of the constitution. 

The complaint was dispatched on 3rd June 2017 from Lahore towards the Supreme Court on 5th July 2017. This was a long time ago and I have not received any official acknowledgement. There has also been no action taken by the SJC regarding my complaint. Therefore I would like to express my concerns in this letter. Whether you are a government official or a judge, you are drawing money from the public for your salaries, hence you should be bound to respond. I would also like to repeat the same point I mentioned regarding article 209. This protects the accused judge through its provision for ‘Punishment for frivolous information’. 

Once again I appeal to the Chairman of SJC to kindly respond to my complaint. 


Lahore, June 24.