We live in a society where women are constantly fighting for equality and trying to beat the stereotypical ideas associated with them. Hence it’s an accomplishment and a matter of pride to see them represent their countries in the ‘worldwide cricket championship’. 

Women of Pakistan have achieved so much. To see them bowling, batting and fielding is such a joy. This is the same patriarchal society, where women are oppressed. Where we have witnessed a number of honour killings and acid attacks. 

This championship knocks down the taboo of women being portrayed as weak and inferior beings. It has also taught young girls they can do anything if they set their minds to it. They are not obliged to do what is expected of them. 

With the men’s cricket team winning the Champions Trophy recently, let’s hope that our women return home as the winners of ICC World Cricket Championship – and the opportunity to hold our heads up high. 


Karachi, June 30.