“And even the renowned King Arthur himself

was mortally wounded; and being carried

thence to the isle of Avallon to curse to be

cursed of his wounds, he gave up the crown

of Britain to his kinsman Constantine, the

son of Cador, Duke of Cornwall.”

–Geoffry of Monmouth, 1136

The legendary King Arthur is one of famous kings of Britain. He has said to have led Britain in glorious battles against Saxon invaders in late 5th and early 6th centuries. Regardless of many stories told throughout the years, it’s unknown whether he existed or not. He was known to have carried the ‘Excalibur’ –his mythical sword, which he only he ‘the true king’, was able to retrieve from the stone. Some other famous stories of Arthur has included him and his knights gathering at the round table in his court/castle at Camelot. Some even say the idea of the round table was invented by Arthur to prevent quarrels. Camelot was the capital and the symbol of the Arthurian legend. Though no one knows where it was located. King Arthur’s stories also consisted of other famous individuals, such as his great companion and a knight of the round table, Lancelot. Lancelot had an affair with Arthur’s wife Guinevere, who was the most beautiful women in the island. The stories also talked about the great wizard Merlin, who at times helped Arthur. The battle of Camlann was the last battle for Arthur, as he was fatally wounded or had died, whilst fighting Mordred.