Reporters and journalists are doing a marvellous job by providing us with news from all over the globe. They have put their lives in constant risk by investigating and reporting information to the public. However they are not treated the way, they should be – with respect and dignity. 

Recently in the Agriculture University of Faisalabad, a news reporter and his cameraman were severely beaten by the guards and employees. They were there to shed light on the issue of some students being charged by the university. The result of finding out the truth got them beaten with stones. Another example is that of a cameraman from another news channel, who was beaten by a mosque administration in Islamabad. 

Throughout Pakistan, be it today or in the past these incidents are common. Journalists have been cursed at and some even threatened to be killed. When will people in the country see they are working for our benefit? And they should be allowed to do their job without fear. I am extremely appreciative of them doing their jobs, despite getting beaten up and being threatened. I ask them not to give up and still provide us with news. I would also like to request the government to take notice on this serious matter, as the only way to save them is to come up with protective laws. Actions should be taken on those who treat them with disdain. 


Karachi, June 25.