DERA GHAZI KHAN - The Border Military Police (BMP) personnel at Rakhi Gauj check post of tribal area are forcibly selling the cards to vehicular drivers for the election duty at Rs500 on the Balochistan-Punjab highway. The Administration Political Assistant has got printed the election duty cards with official monogram of BMP, stamp of police station Rakhi Gorge, vehicle  number, polling station name and number, and a sentence “vehicle booked by Political Assistant Tribal Area Election Duty”.

The staff is selling these cards to every second driver of vegetable loader vans coming from Balochistan in the name of general elections duty. Talking to The Nation, a driver Gull Khan who was holding that card said that BMP staff ordered him to perform three-day election duty and pay Rs500 fee of the card.  More than 500 vehicles cross the check post on daily basis. BMP staff collect Rs5,000 per day or Rs150,000 monthly in this way. The RakhiGauj check post is known as corruption hub of some black sheep of BMP as they always enjoy bribe for smuggling of non-custom paid vehicles.

Commandant BMP Ejaz Ahmad Razzaqi said that no one was allowed to collect money in the name of vehicle cards. He said that he would look into the matter and take strict action against the personnel involved in the practice. In the tribal area, there are 117 polling stations of four Punjab Assembly constituencies including PP-285, PP-286, PP-287 and PP-290, and three National Assembly constituencies including NA-189, NA-190 and NA-191 consisting of tribal, rural and urban localities. These areas administratively have been divided into 14 sectors.

Land registration closed for 10 days

The land registration process is closed for the last 10 days in Kamalia as the scheduled rates for the fiscal year 2018-19 have not been released so far.

Initially, a notification for the sale and purchase of lands was to be released before the start of the fiscal year 2018-19. But it has not been issued so far due to which registration of hundreds of commercial and agricultural lands in urban and rural areas is pending. According to stamp paper vendors, their work has also been stopped due to non-issuance of the notification as the voucher for the stamp duty and capital value tax is not being issued. The citizens have demanded immediate notice from the top officials.