ISLAMABAD/Peshawar   -   The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has finalised all arrangements to hold the first-ever elections on 16 Provincial Assembly seats in merged districts of erstwhile Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa today.

As many as 313 candidates would be in the run for the elections, taking place on Saturday (today).

According to available data, a total 2,801,834 voters including 1,130,529 female voters and 1,671,305 male voters would use their right of vote in the historical elections.

According to updated electoral rolls, in PK-100 Bajaur-I total voters 156,237, male voters 94,937 and female voters 61,300, PK-101 Bajaur-II, total voters 161,047, male voters 94,349 and female voters 66,698, PK-102 Bajaur-II total voters 216,719, male voters 125,358 and female voters 91,361, PK-103 Mohmand –I total voters 110,477, male voters 68,469, female voters 42,008, PK-104 Mohmand-II total voters 170,022, male voters 106,749, female voters 63,273, PK-105 Khyber-I total voters 167, 484, male voters 94,514, female voters 72,970, PK-106, Khyber-II total voters 148,470, male voters 82,818, female voters 65,652, PK-107, Khyber-III total voters 216,133, male voters 123,683, female voters 92,450, PK-108, Kurram-I total voters 172,897, male voters 99,534, female voters 73,363, PK-109, Kurram-II total voters 187, 844, male voters 105,284, female voters 82,560, PK-110, Orakzai total voters 196,436, male voters 110,741, female voters 85,695, PK-111, North Waziristan-I total voters 141,053, male voters 92,845, female voters 48,208, PK-112, North Waziristan-II total voters 179,124, male voters 117,811, female voters 61,313, PK-113, South Waziristan-1 total voters 218,835, male voters 122,197, female voters 96,638, PK-114, South Waziristan-II total voters 167,994, male voters 115,572, female voters 52,422 and PK-115, ex Frontier Regions total voters 191,062, male votes 116444, female voters 74,618.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has provided election material to the Returning Officers(ROs) according to their demands including stationary packs, polling bags, ballot boxes, screened-off compartments, marking aid stamps, official code mark stamps, placards and tamper-evident bags.

According to Section 59 (12) of the Elections Act 2017, surveillance cameras would be installed at each highly sensitive polling station declared as such by District Returning Officers.

The ECP has also directed for installation of CCTV cameras at all 1,897 polling stations.

Meanwhile, at least 34,497 security personnel including Army have been deployed for maintaining law and order situation during first-ever historic elections for 16 general seats of Khyber Pakthunkhwa Assembly for merged areas of erstwhile FATA to be held today.

Officials in KP Government told APP on Friday that a foolproof security plan has been chalked out for elections and Army services were hired to avoid any untoward incident during election process besides provide safe environment to voters.

He said that a total of 34,497 security personnel including Army, Khasadar, Levy, police, Frontier Corps and Frontier Constabulary have been deployed in the election areas.

The security personnel would be deployed inside and outside of most sensitive polling stations in all 16 constituencies in seven tribal districts including the lone frontier regions.

CCTV cameras have been installed in every polling station to ward of any eventuality.

Carrying of arms and ammunition besides mobile phones and cameras inside polling stations were banned.

Aviation surveillance would be made available on election day and quick response force and Bomb Disposal Squad Unit to also remain active.

The Health Department staff would also available in hospitals for any emergency situation.

The official said that Army, civil administration, Election Commission and other law-enforcement agencies are fully prepared for peaceful holding of polling process and maintaining law & order situation.

Strict action would be taken against elements involved in aerial firing on occasion of winning of a candidate.